Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Hello friends!

So I've been super, super busy this past week (which is why I haven't been around).  I'm working on a HUGE project and as the deadline is fast approaching, I have been finding less and less time for personal ventures.  But that being said, I really missed blogging!  It was something I looked forward to every day, and was sort of a challenge - which is a good thing for me!  So here I am, back for more.  

I think today I am going to take some time to work on uploading my portfolio.  It's something that has needed to happen for a really long time (over a year now), and I've just accumulated SO MUCH WORK.  How do you guys stay on top of keeping your portfolio fresh?  I'm thinking I might try saving web-ready files, and uploading as soon as I complete a project so that I'm never in a situation like this, where it's such a daunting task, again.  I really want to put everything up, because I have worked on so many projects that I am proud of.. But I feel like this relaunch is a chance for me to really edit my portfolio down to projects that really display my strengths, and the kind of clients that I want to attract.  So that's what I am up to today.  Sifting through my projects and figuring out how to organize them in a way that represents me, my work, and the clients that I want to work with.

Should be an interesting afternoon I guess!