NAIL ART: Cherry Blossom & Gold Sparkle Gel Nails

I've been a little MIA this week, I know... But I'm here now!  This week I've been feeling super inspired by the arrival of the cherry blossom blooms!  High Park in Toronto has a cherry blossom festival every year, and I had the pleasure of visiting the park yesterday to enjoy the lovely little flowers.

I visited a salon to have my nails done over the weekend.  If you know me - this is a BIG deal.. haha.  A VERY rare occurrence in my life. My nails were never long enough that I thought they warranted a manicure.  But you know what - they totally do.  

As a maker/artist/designer/illustrator, I work with my hands everyday, all day.  And as I stare at them now as I type this - I can't help but smile!  I love the rounded shape, and the length (even though they are just a tad too long.. hehe)!

I'm not sure what the light pink colour is, but the gold is OPI Skyfall Goldeneye!