LOCAL LOVE: Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Hey guys!  So I love exploring my neighbourhood, and there are tons of local gems that I think the world (ahem.. the internet) should hear about.  So I have decided to introduce a LOCAL LOVE feature.  Maybe it's the best brunch spot in The Junction, the best place to get a craft beer in the West End, or a cute little boutique filled with the best knick knacks - I love my neighbourhood, and I want to share it with you (because I think you'll love it too)!

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been on quite the cherry blossom kick this past week.  I'm pretty sure the whole city has (at least according to everyone's instagram photos).  So I thought, what better way to begin LOCAL LOVE, than with the Japanese Cherry Blossom (or Sakura) trees in Toronto's High Park?

About a 10 minute walk from my apartment door, High Park is located in Toronto's West End.  It is Toronto's largest public park, and is home to a small zoo, lots of green space, pools, a HUGE leash free zone/trail for dogs, a restaurant, much more + of course the Sakura trees!

Apparently the first Japanese Cherry tree planted in High Park was given as a gift by the citizens of Tokyo in 1959!  Another fun fact, the cherry blossoms are edible... Mmm...  I haven't tried them, but I'm sure they are light and fragrant, and would make the perfect addition to a springtime cocktail, beverage or confection. The cherry blossom is a symbol of femininity, elegance, and the fragility of life.  There's something really beautiful about that...


Thanks to my lovely photographer friend, Chloe Norman for the photo of me!  The other two are my own photos.