TUNED IN: 20 Flight Rock

Good morning Internet!   Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday.  TUNED IN is back this week! I know, it's been awhile, right?  

This week's track is "20 Flight Rock" by Vic Ruggiero.  Vic is in one of my all-time favourite bands, NYC ska legends - The Slackers.  I've seen him tour with The Slackers, and solo - and it's always a great time.  So incredibly talented.

Now this song is actually from 1956, and was originally performed by Eddie Cochran.  It's a rockabilly standard and has been performed by everyone from Paul McCartney (apparently he auditioned for The Beatles with it), to The Rolling Stones, and even Tiger Army!  "20 Flight Rock" is fun + fuelled by rock 'n roll.  It can be appreciated by music lovers of all ages - but mostly (and most importantly), it just makes me want to dance.