THOUGHTS: On Rejection

Hello internet.  I have been trying really hard to keep POLKA DOTTED PIXELS a light and positive space.  But it's my space, and I thought given certain events that occurred today (I didn't get the job that I really wanted), I would talk a little bit about rejection. 

No matter which way you look at it, or how nicely the letter is worded - rejection just really sucks.  However, as a freelancing creative, it is something that I encounter sometimes.   Whether it's that job you didn't get even though you were over-qualified, having your ideas shot down by a superior (or a peer), or even the unbearable silence of just not hearing back (after sending out tons of resumes) - just remember, someone else has been where you are now.  All of us have been.  And if you haven't EVER felt or been rejected - well I guess you're just a super-human-ball-of-awesome, and congrats to you.

I don't have solid facts to back this up, but I'm pretty sure that every one of us has felt that pang in your heart, the nagging voice in the back of your head that you aren't good enough.  It just kind of hurts - and then it's gone.   Everything goes back to normal, and you move on.

I guess I just want to remind everyone (or maybe just myself) to keep your chin up, and your head held high.  There will be other positions, other projects, other opportunities.  Be thankful for all the experiences you have, and try to learn + grow as an artist and a person.  

And hey, maybe out of the dust that was your dream an even greater opportunity will arise.