LIFE: The Queen of Rush Projects

Guys, bear with me.  I know I've been a little (or a lot) MIA, but I've had like, 4 RUSH projects with crazy deadlines (like, next day deadlines), and it's been cray-zay.  Between work, applying/preparing for my job interview (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you - I got a second interview with Air Canada rouge!!!!), my new workout regimen, and just life... there's been no time!

But I promise, when this is all over (in the next couple weeks), it will be back to regularly scheduled posts, and all your favourite Polka Dotted Pixels features.   I miss you guys!

And just for the sake of sharing something - this is what I used to do when I had free time!  It's a line drawing of my parents at their engagement party.  I did the drawing on the computer, and then used ink + markers to do the colours.  Stay tuned for the colour version :)