THOUGHTS: Taking Stock

I've been on a bit of a personal adventure lately.  I'm really trying to improve myself, and lead a healthy, happy + active lifestyle.   Let's face it, we've got to stop living like we're students at some point.

The photo below is from a trip to Portugal with Pedro.  I remember that summer.  I moved home to live with my parents, and worked really hard, every day, to be able to go on that trip.  I'm in a similar situation now (minus the living with my folks), but I'm excited for new adventures.

I was feeling kind of reflective today, when I saw Whitney's post on Whit B. Nimble.  She's just lovely.  I love reading about her adventures.  Anyways, she posted a little list of questions called "Taking Stock" - and I wanted to join in on the fun.  If you want to fill it out too, I'd love to see your answers.  


Making : positive + healthy lifestyle changes.

Cooking : lots of curries + stir fry.

Drinking : less.

Reading: Don't Worry, It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent from The Frenemy.

Wanting: to get started on new projects.

Looking: at life with a new perspective.

Playing: with my puppy, Rudie.

Wasting: less time.

Sewing: I would like to learn!

Wishing: I could go to the beach.

Enjoying: new adventures.

Waiting: for the next train to come.

Liking: feeling good.

Wondering:  what to do.

Loving: myself. My wonderful boyfriend. My family. My friends. My pup.

Hoping: to travel soon.

Marvelling: at life.

Needing: to finish some work.

Smelling: vanilla-scented moisturizer.

Wearing: rolled up jeans + a polka dot tank.

Following: through on my promises.

Noticing: everything.

Knowing: a lot/nothing at all.

 Thinking:  a lot.

Bookmarking: - books surprisingly!

Opening: new chapters.

Giggling: with the gigglers.

Feeling: optimistic, relaxed + focused.


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