OUR WEDDING: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Hello again!  I'm back with more wedding planning fun.  I promise I will post other things eventually, haha, I've just got wedding on the brain!

I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my lovely ladies yesterday, and GASP, we found a dress. At the first store no less.  I'm sort of a one-stop-shop kinda gal.  I see something I like, I get it and I'm out of there.  So that was super exciting, and I'm so grateful to have such an awesome group of girls by my side.

When it came time to choose my bridesmaids, I wanted to do something special for each one of them.  While I have a limited budget, and a limited amount of time (planning a wedding in less than 8 months is no easy feat), I still wanted to put together a little something to show how much they mean to me.  Check out what I came up with below :)


I put together little polka dotted gift bags (aren't they the cutest? I got them at Target! ).  I made matching illustrations of each of the girls, and put them in pretty silver frames.  I also added a hand written note, a To Do List notepad to keep track of all things wedding related, and a nail polish that matched my wedding palette.  I just wanted to put together something fun and thoughtful for the ladies in my life.  Here's a little look at all of the illustrations together.  Funnily enough, the dresses we picked are actually a very similar colour!


Pedro and I have a fairly large wedding party.  There are 7 bridesmaids, and 7 groomsmen! AH!  It's a little bit crazy, but there are so many important people in our lives from across the globe, and we wanted to make sure that we included everyone in our (second) special day.

THOUGHTS: On Photography

I mentioned that I have been trying to take more photos lately.  After my little shoot with my dress the other day - I started thinking about clothing, and my relationships with my clothes.  

I took these photos today.  I really liked them, so I thought that I would share.  I think I'm onto something here.  I have a really good idea that I'm super excited about.  I am thinking medium format and some large, gorgeous black and white prints. 

I might try some engineering prints for tests! :)