PATTERN CRUSH: Perfectly Polka Dotted

I haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I would post something fun + polka dot inspired.  Here's a little palette board, or I guess a pattern board.  So many polka dots, so little time! Ah!  I love polka dots in all colours, but I thought I would stick with a classic + simple black and white theme for this post.

I have an interview this evening, so I'm feeling a little nervous + anxious.  I'm just trying to relax + prepare, so the search for polka dotted goodies was a treat.


Kids Tea Pattern #2


Hello and happy Friday.  I'm still a sleepyhead, because surprise, surprise, I was up all night labelling files for print and doing prepress. Fun times.  But I thought I would share another one of the patterns I created for the Kids Tea (for my client, Divine Tea Library).  The herbal tea makes a great popsicle for kids when frozen - hence the cute little popsicles in the pattern :)