TV LOVE: Jim + Pam Halpert

A little TV LOVE for you this evening.  Tonight my friends, the last episode of NBC's, The Office, will air.  I bid the show a bittersweet farewell.  For the greater part of a decade I have come to know and love the colourful cast of characters.  They are my friends - and every Thursday night we catch up about the hilarious + mundane + awkward + amazing moments, and I've loved every second of it.  The show is also written by one of the most hilarious women in the world, Mindy Kaling.  

I will be so sad to see The Office go, and Thursday nights just won't be the same (I feel like I'm losing 30 Rock all over again - I love you Tina!) .  Though, to be honest, I think the cast + crew have done a fantastic job with the final season.  I've really loved it.  There's been a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, and a lot less Andy as the boss.

The Office is home to my favourite couple of all time - Jim + Pam Halpert.  I watched their love grow on screen and it was so lovely.  Their love isn't necessarily glamorous, but I think as far as tv/film romances go - it's as close to "real" as you're going to get.  Plus, Jim + Pam are just good kids, y'know?  You just want them to make it.  I think I will miss them most of all.  Some of the most heart-wrenching scenes: their first kiss, Jim's proposal in the rain, the one where Pam hurts herself playing volleyball at the Dunder-Mifflin picnic + they find out Pam is pregnant! Their wedding + the Maid of the Mist scene. Their kids. AHHHHH so many awwwwwww-s.  And then just so many little jokes littered throughout the nine seasons.  They are subtle, and sometimes outrageous - but always funny.  And cute.  I remember watching their relationship evolve, and oh god, the tension.  I think I am just in love with the Halpert's.     

And I know that even Jim + Pam have had their rough patches.  But just let me believe in love through their fictional romance, ok?

So now, with a heavy heart, I say goodbye to Jim + Pam.  May your love live on Netflix + in DVD box sets forever.

All photos are stills from NBC's The Office (that I embellished using the A Beautiful Mess app).

**EDIT** I watched the series finale. Faith in love/future/life/order restored.