NAIL ART: Mint + Blush + White + Gold

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying the first long weekend of summer! 

I have some long weekend NAIL ART for you.  I still have my gel nails, but got bored with the colours I had chosen at the salon.  I wasn't quite ready to go have my nails filled yet, so I thought it might be fun to vamp up the manicure I already had. Maybe this look is a little over the top - but it's sparkly + fun + bright - and I like it for today... Haha.

First, I painted a layer of Zoya's "Purity" so that the mint colour would pop (and to cover up the pink gel polish that I had done at the salon).  Then I did 2 coats of Essie's, "Mint Candy Apple" covering 3/4 of pinkies, index fingers, and thumbs. I put a coat of Sephora by OPI, "XOX Betsey", on my middle fingers, and Maybelline Colour Show Sequins, "Gold's Night Out" on my ring fingers.  I covered everything with a coat of Nicole by OPI, "Top Coat Plus".  Finally, I added the straight line of gold circle studs on all the my nails except the gold ring fingers.

This mani was a little more intensive than usual.. haha.. Definitely for a lazy Sunday with lots of extra time.

I think I am going to make some sangria for a BBQ we are attending tonight.  Mmmm... yummy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend loves.


NAIL ART: Mint & Gold

If you checked out my MINTSPIRATION COLOUR CRUSH post, you might have noticed the lovely, Essie Mint Candy Apple Essie polish.  I love love love it!

I picked up a bunch of nail art supplies recently when I was in Miami (I'm still a beginner, but it's super fun), and got these great little gold studs (have them in black too)!  I love the look of the mint and gold together.  Such a great combo.

This was super easy to do:

I used one coat of the mint, because it is really creamy and opaque, and I don't like the polish to get too gloopy.

I then used tweezers to pick up the gold studs/sequins, and place in a diagonal design across my nails.

Added one coat of my top coat, and voila! Complete.  Took about 10 minutes, tops.

I've tried using the pyramid studs before, and found that these flat circular studs work much better!  I've had them on for 3 days, and have only lost one.  Plus, they will be great for some polka dotted designs.

USED: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus, gold studs/sequins