Welcome to my newest feature - VINTAGE DESIGN LOVE!  I love love love old ads, typography, and illustrations.  There is just something so fabulous about the look and feel of these mid-century pieces.  I just really appreciate the aesthetic, and am obsessed with hand-drawn work - so I thought, why not catalogue some of my favourites for you all as well?  I only hope you enjoy them as much as me!

So, for this week's VINTAGE DESIGN LOVE, I am featuring - drumroll please... tiki menus!


I am working on another project with my fav Junction bar / kinda workplace, 3030 Dundas West.  I am super excited - it's a cocktail menu + should be lots of fun.  Anyways, today I was digging through the depths of Pinterest/google/etc. for images and inspiration, and I realized how much I adore these Tiki Menus from the 1950's/1960's.  I am feeling super inspired by them and can't wait to dive in to this project.  

Plus, it finally feels like summer has arrived here in Toronto, and all I want to do is sip some kind of fruit + alcoholic beverage on a patio... Mmm, yummy!