Hello friends!  Life has been crazy, busy, and full of changes, but there are lots of exciting things happening (especially with wedding planning)!  From dress shopping, to work deadlines, and drafting guest lists - I'm certainly keeping myself busy.  AH!  I turn 25 next week!  I will be spending my birthday (week) in Boston with my main man, which I am really happy about :)  Though I've been once before, I'm looking forward to exploring a little more.  If any of you have suggestions for restaurants, cute shops, or things to check out, please let me know!  I have been challenging myself to take more pictures, so it's going to be fun to photograph a different city.

This week, I am working on setting up our wedding website, doing extensive research for our invitation suites (which I will be designing), and finalizing our save the date cards to send to our out of town guests.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have been going a little crazy with wedding inspiration these past couple months.  But in all seriousness, it's been such a useful tool in the planning process (not to mention that I've been pinning like it's my job for a couple years now.. haha)!  As we are sending out our Save the Date this week, I thought I would share some of my favourite Save the Date designs from across the interweb.  So feast your eyes upon these pretty pieces of stationery. 


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/ 1 /  These Save the Date tags, by Seattle based designer/photographer, Carina Skrobecki, are actually made with rubber stamps (which I think is great)!  I have had a small obsession with stamps since I was a little kid.  They are so fun to make.  I also love that these little notes are an alternative to the regular postcard style!  I really like the simplicity of the design, and the focus on typography.

/ 2 /  I have been really drawn to more simplistic designs for our Save the Date.  Though I love calligraphy, I feel like a lot of wedding stationery gets, for lack of a better word, a little too flowery.  These beauties are from Minted.  I like the sans serif typeface a lot, and think that it looks really lovely next to the floral line drawing - which is my favourite part!

/ 3 /  I love the pastel shades of the Save the Date matchbooks!  They were an item on Etsy, listed by the shop, Twig & Thistle.  The punny message is super cute. The matchbooks are also letterpressed, which is the piece de resistance.  Again, I am really into the idea of giving out invites in the shape of something else!  The possibilities are endless.. Matches, coasters, magnets, buttons, pins - so much fun :)  I think that giving out a little something that your potential guests can actually use + keep is a sweet idea.

/ 4 / Did I mention how much I love the Carolyna Pro Black typeface.  It's amazing.  So many ligatures and flourishes to choose from, and it lets me use a script that is actually legible! YES! Is that so much to ask for?  Anyways, I love this typeface, and I really like this Save the Date card by Susan Brand Design.  The rounded edges, and the colour palette are also lovely.

/ 5 /  I thought the idea of sharing a cute photo of you and your sweetie + writing your date on balloons was adorable!  If I were to do this, I would have used those giant circular balloons that I see floating around on Pinterest.  I just want to incorporate them into our wedding decor so badly!

/ 6 / The watercolour treatment from the Etsy shop, Leveret Paperie, on this Save the Date is what drew me in.  Soft and romantic, this pretty paper good fits with our wedding theme perfectly.  As an added bonus, it has a circular die cut.

/ 7 /  Another design from Minted, I really liked that this card played with typography.  Also, just the fact that it's for a destination wedding made me all nostalgic for the time that Pedro and I thought it might be possible for us to get married on a beach somewhere.  While we are super excited for our big Italian wedding, it would have been nice to get away with our loved ones!

/ 8 / I thought this photo Save the Date was so cute!  The little doodles are adorable.  Sweet and playful, this  perfect postcard would have your guests smiling in no time!

/ 9 / I saw a lot of calendar themed Save the Dates, but this was by far my favourite.  Funnily enough, it's actually a free printable! The banner is beautiful, and I really liked the leafy details.  I love the rustic elegance of this card.  The hand-drawn typography is such a nice touch!


Hope you enjoyed my little round up!  I will be sure to share our Save the Date design and wedding website once we've sent them out to our guests.

LIFE: Love, Marriage + Other Adventures.


Hello friends!  It sure has been a long time, and I can't even begin to tell you all of the craziness that has taken place since I last posted... There have been some real big changes in my life! AH!  From jobs, to life goals + a 10 year plan. To running 100 miles.  To doing amazing and wonderful things I never thought possible.  To making life happen.  To getting engaged!!! And Visiting Brazil with my new family.  To weddings! And then my own wedding! WHAT?!

Pedro and I got married! We had a small civil ceremony at my parent's house - and are planning a big wedding with all of our family + friends from across the globe in August! We are so happy, so excited, and so in love.  So yes!  We are married and it's wonderful.  I thought I would share a couple of photos from our marriage ceremony.  These were taken by my lovely photographer friend, Chloe Norman.


Second, today Pedro moved to Boston (it's a long+complicated story).  But he will be working there + hopefully going to grad school in the fall.  If all goes well, I will be joining him there after our wedding (2.0) in August!  We are super excited about this new adventure (though no doubt the few months of long distance will be tough)!  It was bittersweet reliving the memories from the past 2 years in our apartment together.  I thought I would share a photo of us that we took on our first Valentines Day as a married couple.  I've been trying to document our everyday lives, and memories + moments more.  I feel like we will appreciate the archive of our little family in the future.  The photo below was taken in our studio, and makes me smile on this not so awesome day.  It's weird to think that soon, this place won't be "home" anymore.


And third, I am bringing the blog back!  So you can expect frequent posts from me on polkadottedpixels.  I have a lot of extra time on my hands right now, and I want to experiment more with lifestyle photography, my writing, and sharing fun content!  What's in store for you?  Well you can expect your old favourite features like Tuned In, Wanderlust, and Colour Crush, along with lots more pretty photos, fabulous design finds, inspiration boards, wedding updates, decor, recipes, adventures in health + fitness, maybe some DIY's if I get my stuff together, haha...