Hey guys! I've been crazy busy lately.  Lots of projects and events going on.  July is always a little hectic in my family.  We have something like 6 birthdays, and an annual charity event tha we help to organize.  So I've been back and forth from the city to the suburbs at least once a week.. Ah life.  I've also been contributing my time and putting together graphics for the charity event that I just mentioned (on top of my other work).  

BUT, I did have time to put together a little CURRENTLY post for you.  Just thought I would share the things I am kind of obsessed with at the moment :) 


CURRENTLY WATCHING: Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Can we talk about how good this show is, please?  Based on Piper Kerman's memoir of the same title, and created by Jenji Kohan (who brought us the fantasic series, Weeds) - we are transported into the lives of female prisoners.  It's a truly gripping series, and their are some really strong female characters.  I think it's amazing, and you should definitely give it a watch.  All episodes are now streaming on Netflix!

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Coconut Records, "Nighttiming".  This album is from 2007. I have played it every summer since then, and still haven't gotten tired of it.  If you're a Jason Schwartzman fan (and why wouldn't you be?), give his album a good listen.  It sounds like California.  Some of my favourite tracks are Nighttiming (the video link features J. Schwartz's brother, Robert - of Rooney or Michael Moscovitz as I fondly like to remember him), West Coast, and Easy Girl.

CURRENTLY READING: Mindy Kaling's, "Is Everyone Hanging Out WIthout Me? (And Other Concerns)" .  This book is the best.  I haven't laughed so hard in a really long time.  I just want to be Mindy's BFF.

CURRENTLY LOVING: Frozen Yogurt.  Of any kind.  Yesterday I had a banana and coconut concoction.  It was delicious.