IN PROGRESS: Gig Posters

Hey guys!  Happy weekend! And happy first day of summer - I am beyond excited.  I was reading about Summer To Do Lists yesterday, and thought that I should make one of my own - stay tuned for that soon!  There will be lots of design/creative based goals + a focus on self-improvement.  And lots of outdoor activities! I've been cooped up in this apartment behind my desk for too many months.

I've been a poster-making machine the past couple of days, so I just thought I would share a couple of in-progress snippets for you.  

Nothing too crazy, just a couple of gig posters that I've been working on for 3030, and a friend of mine's show.  I had a lot of fun working on these posters over the last couple of days.  To be honest, my computer crashed while I was making the first one, and I had to re-do the whole thing from memory.  SO that was an interesting test.  Haha.  Along with a lesson that I should obviously KNOW - COMMAND + S FREQUENTLY.  SRSLY GUYS!  

 I was super surprised this morning when the cute little ghostie figure popped into my head for the Halloween in July poster.  Super cute, and simple.  It kinda reminds me of the Pac Man ghost, mixed with a little cartoon skull + a tombstone?  Hah.. I don't know.  But I think it's a pretty cool hybrid and it works.  And it's soooooo cute. Hehe.  

Enjoy your weekends! I don't know what you folks are up to, but there sure is a lot going on in The Junction this weekend.  Tomorrow is the annual Summer Solstice Festival.  All the local businesses + community get involved, and we're going to have a big party :) I will be working at the lovely art supply shop + workroom, ARTiculations tomorrow afternoon!  I believe the kiddies are making mason jar lanterns.

Come check it out - there will be lots of fun things happening around these parts.  Even a night-time Junction Flea (and I heard rumours of a beer tent)!