HAIR DOS: Purple Ombre by feather & blush

Hello friends! I've been working away on some branding projects (that have been keeping me busy) - but I can't wait to share them with you.  It's so great to get to work with creative professionals.  

Speaking of creative professionals (and my wonderful clients), on Monday, my friend/client, Dee (from the hair + makeup duo, feather&blush) changed up my look a bit - or rather, quite a lot!  

My relationship with my hair has largely been one of love+hate.  It's always too long, or too short, too dead, too flat, too dry, too oily, too messy... I was the baby who didn't even have hair until I was 1.  The little girl with the frizzy ponytail.  The teenager who didn't cut it for 3 years, and then let her best friend chop it all off and give her terrible bangs.  I've dabbled with adventurous cuts, and coloured highlights - but I've been lusting for purple locks for so long, years really.  I really wanted a purple mohawk when I was 14 (but my mom wouldn't let me get one).  The cut to the right was my affectionately named, "Sailor Mercury" hair from Summer 2004.  I also brought a photo of Tegan + Sara to the salon more than once - I rocked a fashion mullet for a real long time.  Haha, if you really want to see it, feel free to search the depths of my profile pictures.

Years passed, and I dabbled with plums, and jet blacks, auburn, and aubergine... but never the purple I so passionately desired.  I've kept it pretty tame for awhile now.  I love the 1960's bouffant, and huge hairspray beehives.  So I've been trying to recover from the messes I made.  I have been growing it out the last few years + trying to make my hair fabulous and full of volume like Brigitte Bardot - but it usually just falls flat.  I kept putting off going lilac, because I didn't want to bleach my hair.  Finally, I put getting purple hair on my list of goals for this year.  It had to happen.  I approached Dee with the idea, and we set out to make it a reality.

A few days before my appointment, I totally chickened out.  But I had seen some really sweet purple ombres on Pinterest + lookbook (sorry, it was ages ago - I don't have the link).  I thought maybe this idea was a little more subtle - and I could see if I liked the colour before committing to my whole head.

Anyways, it looks fantastic, and I love it.  Dee did a great job.  Thanks girl!  Such a great job that next time we colour it there will be so much more purple.  And maybe even the bleached out lilac that I've had my eye on.

If you're thinking of colouring + cutting + styling your hair, or need some fab make-up done - drop the ladies at feather&blush a line.  I worked on their branding, and they were a real treat to work with.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to rekindle an old friendship which was really great as well.  

feather&blush is still a new business, so they are in the process of launching their website.  However, they do frequently post on their instagram with fun shots of what they have been working on.  If you love hair + make up as much as I do, you should follow them.

Want the ladies of feather&blush to freshen up your look? They will be at the White Wedding Pop-Up Shop this Friday May 31, at The Theatre Centre (1095 Queen Street West), in Toronto.  There will be lots of other vendors as well, including photographers, stylists, and much more! Even if you are like me and not getting married... haha - it will be filled with lovely ladies and pretty things (and cucakesI believe) - and will make a fun night out for you and your lady friends.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  I'm going to go admire my purple hair do again.. hehe.

       lexx! moshimoshi from myspace face/hair (circa                  2004). AGH, look at those bangs..

       lexx! moshimoshi from myspace face/hair (circa                  2004). AGH, look at those bangs..

           feather&blush logo, designed by yours truly.

          feather&blush logo, designed by yours truly.