TUNED IN: Live Photographs

Hey guys! This week's TUNED IN post is going to be a little bit different.  A few months ago, I was working with online music review + culture site, The Neon Mix.  I would attend shows with them on occasion and photograph the bands during their set.

Anyways, below are some (just a little sample) of the live band photographs I have taken.  I didn't want to spend a million years digging through my archives, so I picked some photos that were readily available.  That being said, I thought it might be fun to share some of my photography - because I haven't really done so as of yet. 


**Do you know who the artists are?  The venues? Can you guess?**  Haha.. maybe you were even at the shows!  Say hi next time - I'm usually the girl with the massive camera lens pushing my way through the crowd.

Expect to see more of my photographs on the blog (it's a summer goal of mine to take more photos - it gets so hard with work + life - but NO EXCUSES!!!), and a PHOTOGRAPHY section added to my PORTFOLIO soon! 



**For those of you who didn't want to guess.. All shows took place in Toronto, ON. 

LEFT SIDE (from top): The Raveonettes, The Phoenix Concert Theatre, 2012.  Vic Ruggiero, Lee's Palace, 2011. Tegan & Sara, Danforth Music Hall, 2008. 

RIGHT SIDE (from top): Nouvelle Vague, The Opera House, 2012.  Nouvelle Vague, The Opera House, 2012. Vic Ruggiero, Sneaky Dee's, 2010.**