IN PROGRESS: Canadian Bacon Moodboard

Hey guys! I know Tuesday's are typically TUNED IN - but I've got something big planned for next week, so I thought I would share some of my progress with a new client that I'm really excited about! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a contract doing branding for a new restaurant opening in my hometown (Oakville, ON - it's a suburb of Toronto), called Canadian Bacon.  We've been working hard on coming up with a logo, and getting a menu designed.  But I thought I would share the moodboard that we developed.


We were going for a rustic, but refined look.  I think we accomplished that - how about you?  I'm also a little obsessed with the colour palette - it's just the perfect shade of mustard.

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Hey friends!  I know today is a TUNED IN Tuesday, but I have been working away on some mood boards, and thought I would share one.  

A friend of mine is re-launching her blog at the end of the summer, and asked me to help with the re-design.  It's a lifestyle blog with style posts, recipes, reviews, etc.  I will share more as we continue through the design process.  

It's been interesting - I've been changing my business + the way I design with clients.  I've been trying to use Pinterest as a tool to visually interact with my clients (thanks for the idea, Breanna Rose).  It's definitely been a new challenge - figuring out a balance of how much + what to pin.

I had a blast designing this mood board though.  Hah, probably spent way too much time on it.. Oh well.   I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Also - I am loving this palette more than words can even describe.  I think I may use some gold accents too - yay!