TUNED IN: A Lack of Color

Wow guys, it's been ages since my last post!  I had a super busy/stressful/hectic week, and it stayed that way until I took a much needed day off on Sunday.  I also took a few hours off today, and went to see This is the End - which is hilarious, and if you get the chance, you NEED to go see it.  My celebrity crush, Mr. Seth Rogen has truly outdone himself.

Today's TUNED IN post features, "A Lack of Color", by Death Cab for Cutie.  One of my favourite bands since I was 15, I'm pretty sure I've loved everything they've ever done.  But Transatlanticism has stood the test of time in my mind - definitely one of those albums that no matter how many times I've heard it, it never gets old.  Ben Gibbard's heart-wrenching tales of life, love and loss - are just so beautiful.  And there's just something about A Lack of Color that gets to me.. I think I have a case of last track syndrome.