DO IT YOURSELF: Skull-Themed Wall Art

Hey friends! Just wanted to share a little DIY I did over the weekend.  

It was my friend Alana's birthday, so I decided to make her a little something.  She dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween, and if my memory served correctly - had plenty of skull regalia decorating her home.  But who doesn't need a little MORE skull decorations in their life?  So I set out to make her some sugar skull wall art.

I found an inexpensive wooden plaque (that already had a chain for hanging attached), and got to work painting/inking.  I then sealed the paint with some matte gel medium.  Super easy, super fun, and she loved it!

Check out the results, pretty fun, right?  This isn't my first foray into skull-themed wall art.  I have a shower curtain with sugar skulls all over it that Pedro insisted we pick up when we were in NYC.  I made a cross-stitched skeleton canvas awhile back! I'm going to see if I can dig up some photos.