PUPPY LOVE: My Little Monster

Hey guys! Back again with a little PUPPY LOVE!  Rudie has been going to the dog park every morning since the weather has improved.  He loves it, because he gets to play, I love it, because it tires him out.  He can be a little monster sometimes - he just has so much energy!  

It has been a rainy Sunday here in Toronto, but in the few moments of sunshine that streamed through our windows this afternoon, Rudie snuggled up in his favourite chair to soak up some rays.  

I was working on my laptop and looked over to find Rudie looking like this (photo to the right).  His face is all smooshed up and snuggled into his paws.. I actually squealed and giggled, because it was so cute.  I just wanted to hug him.  

Of course minutes after this photo was taken he tried to eat my macaroni + cheese, barked at the neighbours walking in the hall, and stole my sock.  That's just my little angel / monster / schnookum pie.