NAIL ART: Lavender & Black

Continuing with my adventures in nail art!  Did you see this past week's COLOUR CRUSH post, La-La-Lavender?  Sticking with the theme of following COLOUR CRUSH with my NAIL ART post, here are this week's lovely lavender nails! 

I decided to use Essie's Go Ginza as the lavender base, and really wanted to try out my Essie Matte About You that I picked up as well!  I love all things matte.. Back in my analog photo printing days, all paper HAD TO BE MATTE.  Whenever I print anything at a print shop, MATTE.  Lipstick, MATTE.  Eyeshadow, all MATTE, all the time.  So it only makes sense that my nails should be matte too!

I used two coats of the lavender colour.  I then used tweezers to pick up the black studs, and placed one on each nail, in the left hand corner of my left nails, and the right hand corner of the right nails.

Added two coats of my matte top coat, and that's it! I love the way that the matte effect looks.  0% glossy is the best (which is funny, because I am obsessed with matte, but love most things that glitter.. ahha)!

USED: Essie Go GinzaEssie Matte About You, black studs